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What A Long Strange Trip It's Been
Monday, 1 October 2007
More parts of my world comes to life
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Creating My Own World

This weekend I have been busily adding dimension to my world of Rorschach.

I created six new villages: The Village of Chutley, Sevillence, Snerdly Township, Oakley-Methburg Upon the Talbut, Kevnerton, and Feebly Town. They are all in the rolling hills area of the continent known as The Gold Coast. The two large towns Oakley Methburg Upon the Talbut and Kevnerton required me to go into detail about the founders of the town and such.

In about three weeks, I will be hosting a D&D game that will include: Joey, Tony, Crystal, Shurree, and Matt playing on The Gold Coast. Should they stop in any of these villages, I need to have detailed information so they can play in these towns.

I know the names of the Lords and Ladiess in the towns, where their manor houses are, how many children they have, and what they did before they settled down - like being fighters, bards, mages, etc. In the case of Oakley-Methburg, I even know all the Lords and Ladies' children's names. Each town has its major temple and an inn, as well as several different crafts in which they specialize. Additionally, I know all the crops they grow

For Oakley-Methburg, they are well known for their potent drinks. They have some of the best plum, pear, and apple orchards to make wine and brandy. They also have extensive vineyards that produce a brilliant red wine. They also make a wonderful wheat beer they drink locally - but due to a lack of refrigeration (and the unwillingness to use magic cold to transport the beer due to cost prohibitedness) only the locals and traveling merchants know how excellent their drafts are. Some people believe that this towns success with their drink is because the water of the Talbut is so sweet and fresh. Most other towns in the area rely upon well or spring water to make their brews.

For Kevnerton, it is the amazing medicines and ointments of the non-magical kind that makes this town famous. They too have their own brandy, corn whiskey, and beewax candle trade, but those are small compared to the poppy-based medications that are made here. Most people would rather visit healing clerics if they could afford to, but for some out of the way villages that don't have clerics, these medications are crucial. Kevnerton is also known as a trade center. It is inbetween Oakley-Methburg and the Northern Road that connects Wyrmhelm to Half-Moon City, thus all traffic headed for each city goes through Kevnerton. Additionally, the small towns of Snerdley, Feebly, and Sevillence trade their wool, tobacco, and magic items through the Kevnerton merchants that have the transport and the guards to get the product to the larger markets.

Yep - I said magic items. Snerdly is home to a reclusive wizard that produces simple magic items for trade. Mostly are just enchanted weapons and armor, but there are magical potions and scrolls as well.

Michelle helped me create these places rolling the dice for me so I could randomly place items, traps, and soldiers. It was very fun to do with her.

Someday, I'll scan the maps and put them online. 


Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 6:43 AM CDT
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Friday, 4 May 2007
All the things I can't stop thinking about before sleep
Mood:  spacey
Topic: Creating My Own World
So, it is late. I am very tired, but I can’t sleep. I went to bed almost two hours ago, but I have been unable to turn my brain off. Sometimes that happens to me and it is just pointless to continue to toss and turn, possibly waking up my husband too boot. Thus, here I am at the computer typing away not really knowing what I want to say.

Lots of things are churning in my mind…a few topics off the cuff…

Politics – First, let me put on my most convincing Chandler Bing impersonation – ahem Can Sam Brownback BE a bigger tool? I heard his comments from the Republican candidates’ pre-primary debate from the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California regarding it being a day of freedom and liberty the day that Roe v. Wade could be overturned. Where is he pulling this nonsense from – his ass? Freedom? Restricting the rights of women to control their own reproduction is freedom? Enforcing your religious beliefs upon everyone regardless if they believe as you do or not is freedom? Please, please America do not vote for this nut job.

Why are the candidates debating morality issues like abortion and stem-cell research? What about tax reform, deficit reduction, social security, universal health care, the energy crisis, global warming, the proper funding of education, the protection of the environment, and ending the fucking war!? Hmmm, what about those pressing issues?

Why should our secular society debate topic best left to individual personal spirituality?

Friends – I got an email from my best friend, former roommate, and all around best buddy, Lisa, today. It was awesome to hear from her and to hear she was thinking about me. The email made me burst out crying, laughing and smiling all at the same time at my desk. Chicks down the hall poked their head around the corner and asked me if I was all right. Fuck yeah I was! Talk about someone who can instantly make you feel better with a four line email. That’s Lisa for sure.

Children – We’ve been having issues with Kyle lately. He hasn’t been doing his homework nor his assigned reading from his teacher. He’s been withdrawing from class interaction and becoming absorbed in reading his own books. The teacher is concerned. His bio-mom is concerned. Matt and I took action. We laid down the law, took some hard core disciplinary actions and believe it or not, IT WORKED! He had missed four days of reading and homework last week. When I picked the children up on Thursday, their mother told me this, and I promised her we’d deal with it. When we got home, I informed Matt, he agreed. He spoke to Kyle, who was then sentenced to four days no electronics, period. For a boy totally enthralled by video games, tv, movies, and the computer it was sheer torture for him. He wondered around the house for hours not knowing what to do with himself. So, I sent him on bike rides. Yep! We bought the children bikes for Christmas. The weather was perfect for biking. I gathered a few ideas, wrote down a few missions for him and his sister and away they went. I sent them to the park, to the post office, to find the steam train here in town, and to find the two closest elementary schools. They got lost, but they were outside for a collective five hours in a two day period. Fall down and get back up again, that has got to be a record for these kids.

So, I picked up the children today for a weekend visit as next weekend is Mother’s Day and they will be with their bio-mom for that. I was informed that Kyle did his homework each night during the week, and all his assigned reading, turning everything on time, and impressing his teacher. His father and I are pleased and we praised him when I got him home and we could talk. With less than 18 days of school left though, I don’t know how much improvement we can get in to him so it will make a difference on his end of the year report card. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Time travel – What if time could be folded and we could travel backwards and forwards or sideways; meaning into alternative realities of our own timeline? Would it be right to go back and alter history to prevent terrible deaths or disasters? Can you imagine someone stopping the Titanic from being built because the iron was infested with faults? What if Julius Caesar hadn’t been murdered, nor his son via Cleopatra? What would the world be like if Hitler had won? Or if the Vikings, Columbus, and other explorers never found ‘The New World’ or at least delayed finding if for, say, three hundred years? What if the US had never developed nuclear weapons? What if the Bolsheviks didn’t win? What if the Prophet Mohammad had never been born? See – this is the kind of stuff that rattles around in my head.

If the Prophet Mohammad had never been born and there was no Islamic religion, then the Christian Armenian people who were slaughtered by the Islamic Turks would never have been killed. My ancestors who escaped the genocide probably would have stayed in what is now modern day Turkey, never coming to the United States. Most likely, my mother would never have been born, and then neither would I.

If Hitler had won…well, would he have stopped with just Europe? Probably not, but let’s say he didn’t and he beat America and Germany invaded the United States. I don’t know how that would happen since there aren’t that many Germans and Americans would have killed any invaders on sight should they come goose-stepping down main street. Anyway, what IF he had won? Then, there probably would be no Jews left alive today, or Muslims. I don’t see how he could ally himself with Japan, but I think the world would be divided roughly in half. Asia and the Pacific Rim dominated by Japan, and Europe, Africa, and the Americas dominated by Germany. I think millions more would have died. I don’t know if my Grandparents would have ever gotten married or not. My Grandfather could pass for an Arian wonder-boy…blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin, et al. He would have been the poster child, yet my grandmother was decided ethnic looking – being full blooded Armenian. Although, being a devote Catholic, I doubt she would have been hauled away, so who knows? I still think I wouldn’t have been born though.

Winning a SuperLotto Powerball Jackpot of $500,000,000 – What would I do with half a billion dollars? I would certainly pay off all my friends and family’s debt. Buy everyone a house and car. Then, I would establish trust funds for both Matt’s children, and my brother’s children – contingent upon them being accepted to a four year college or university of their choice. The trust would be set up to pay all of their expenses while they were in college, and as long as they maintained a B average and made adequate yearly progress towards a degree, they wouldn’t have to worry about money. Then after they took extensive courses in financial management, financial planning, budgeting, investing etc, they’d each come into something like $5 million. I’d do the same for Matt’s sisters Kayla and Deanna, although Dee is finishing her junior year in college right now. I’d send Matt’s parents on the most luscious and pampered vacation of their choice, something like a five star around the world cruise that took like 180 days or more to complete. They could have massages every day and personal trainers to help them get flexible and in shape for travel and exploring all the neat places they would be visiting. They’d have the biggest most comfortable cabin on board the ship, and a maid to clean up after them. They could take gourmet cooking classes and learn how to do all the interesting things they’ve ever wanted to. Being that Matt’s father is a preacher and his mother a stay at home, they have never experienced anything in the way of that kind of luxury ever. I’d basically do the same for my mother and Don, and my father and Pat. Whatever super fabulous vacation they wanted to take, that’s their special gift. Besides that, I’d set all of them up so they wouldn’t ever have to work again, and they could retire and live peacefully for the remainder of their days. Both my father’s male relatives and Matt’s father’s male relatives don’t live past the mid-sixties, with the exception of my father’s great-grandfather Barney. I’d like to see both my dad and Ed become octogenarians or older.

I’ve often thought if I had that kind of money, I’d buy an island. I have looked into it and it isn’t as expensive as it sounds. There are a few that are very interesting to me now and I don’t have that kind of money. LOL. Matt laughs at me.

I do know that I would invest a HUGE chunk of it in very secure high interest yield something or others and live my life on the interest. See, all those things I listed above, they wouldn’t even spend 20% - $100,000,000 – of the winnings. Even if I put the $400,000,000 in some interest bearing checking account or money market that paid 4%, it would make $1,757,494 A MONTH. See – here is where the budget analyst part of my brain just won’t shut off.

I’ve even thought about establishing my own university with the money. Or, buying all the dilapidated homes in Wellington or Wichita, fixing them up and donating them to the homeless – that’s one of my favorite dreams. Giving a homeless person an opportunity to fix up their own home, paying for all the expense of making it a very comfortable and decent place to live, while giving them the experience and knowledge to either join the construction field as an employee or by becoming and independent contractor. It would take some time to get all those homes fixed, so they’d be employed for a few years or so, enough to get them re-established in society.

I’ve dreamt about buying thousands of acres of farm land and returning it to its natural state, releasing buffalo, wolves, deer, swine, turkeys, pheasants, coyote, etc. and re-establishing the native fish populations. Recreating huge preserves so native species can thrive would be awesome. Hiring individuals to eradicate the exotics from the prairie land would be a major expense but worth it.

See, here it is an hour later. More tired, but still wide awake. We’ll, I am going to give it another try.

Just another look inside the ever twirling mind of Ali.

Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 11:55 PM CDT
Updated: Friday, 11 May 2007 9:02 PM CDT
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Saturday, 20 January 2007
Brundin, Goddess of War - The Realms of Rorschach
Mood:  sharp
Topic: Creating My Own World
This is a bit of the history of my roleplaying world I have created. I have a story for each of the major gods and goddess of the pantheon. I'll post them as I find the time.

Darkness and hatred filled the land from the hearts of men who bore a desire for vengeance upon their masters. The Caerci, a race of catlike humanoids, ruled over the world with an iron fist. The Greater Caerci kept all the races, except Dwarves who lived holed up in their mountain homes, as slaves. Few Elves survived the domination of the Greater Caerci, for they were delicate creatures, not bred for the back breaking work of building the Caerci’s great citadels – iconic dominions of towering stone. The Caerci, finding the Elves mostly worthless for toil, sought to rid the world from them, and set about upon genocide. Few Elves escaped to far forested islands and hid from the Caerci, both Greater and Lesser.

Mankind, though, was hearty yet unlike their Dwarven cousins, unable to live underground within the great mountain halls. Thus, the Caerci’s dominion over the world was great and bought upon the backs of humans. Centuries passed, and the humans pleaded for salvation. Yet, kept ignorant of reading, writing or religion, humans knew not who to turn to for aid. Until…

A woman was born among the unwashed slaves of the Greater Caerci, a woman of incredible cunning and unquenchable desire for freedom. Working as a palace slave amongst a notable Caerci priestess to the Goddess of Nature, this woman learned about the presence of the divine. Praying each night to every god or goddess she learned about for salvation, and receiving none, Brundin decided that she would believe in only herself and make the desires of her heart come about; these being the freedom of her people and retribution upon the Caerci.

Stealing away from her ramshackle slave quarters, Brundin escaped from her Caerci masters by killing the Lesser Caerci sentries. Fleeing to the mountains, she was taken in by the Dwarves, who nourished both her weary body and her ingenious mind.

Years passed, and Brundin grew in strength and skill, becoming a fearsome warrior. She led many sorties upon the homelands of the Caerci killing the ‘wicked’ cat-people and freeing her fellow humans. Slowly, with the help of the reluctant, but supportive Dwarven people, the ragtag free human slaves amassed an army, with Brundin as their general, their champion. She was their hero of heroes, the aspiration of all young women.

Many battles were fought, and slowly, the Caerci were beaten back. With the decline of the Caerci, even the Elves came forward to offer aid. During their time of seclusion, the Elves had been preparing for the right moment to rise up against the world’s oppressors. Now, with the Elves assistance, in combination with the aid of the Dwarves in arming and outfitting the armies of Brundin, humans had a fighting chance at freedom.

Brundin’s attack upon the Imperial Center of the Caerci Kingdom saw much carnage, much death…of the Caerci. Empowered by the masses of human troops roiling throughout the city, once complacent slaves rose up and murdered their masters. The Greater and Lesser Caerci were massacred by the noble Brundin and her followers. After the decimation of the Imperial Center, Brundin’s visage glowed with the blood of her former captors. She feasted upon them and laid waste to the temples of their gods and goddess – yet she was not struck down. The gods and goddess were brought to account for the ruthless and decadent ways of their followers – by a non-believer. Their powers were lessened as none of their worshippers remained to defended them. In a moment of inspiration, Brundin declared herself a goddess among mankind, a true goddess of the blade, a goddess of war! No mortal, no god, nor any goddess spoke otherwise, and Brundin indeed became an immortal being. The celestial staircase welcomed her to the heavens, where she ascended and gained the knowledge of all immortals.

Thus, the Goddess of War, Brundin set about hunting down all Caerci, and set her growing armies and followers to the task of riding the world from the vile species. The cities were torn apart, their blasphemous knowledge delivered to the holy fires of the Goddess.

This tomb is the last resting place of the noble army of Brundin that freed mankind from the cruel Caerci.

Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 12:01 AM CST
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