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What A Long Strange Trip It's Been
Tuesday, 11 May 2010
How about them apples?
Mood:  chatty
Topic: Reality

How interesting things are when you reliquish control and just go with it.

Sunday was Mother's Day, the following day was Joey's (our former roommate and Matt's best friend) birthday and thus, we combined the two for dinner and movie like we did in 2008.

Sunday started off slowly. I watched a few episodes of South Park while playing online. We picked Joey up around 2:15pm and headed off to Wichita. We made a bee line for Shoe Carnival and bought Matt some new shoes for work. Then, we headed over to the Warren Theatre on 21st to see "Iron Man 2". I had purchased three adult tickets online while I was surfing the Net earlier, so we didn't have to worry about the show being sold out. We got to the theatre with enough time to spare, and got excellents seats for the 4:15pm show.

Great flick - enjoyed it, and yes, would go see it again.

At the car after the show, Matt spies a gold/brass colored piece of metal, kind of like a nail puncturing my passenger side front tire. I become worried, we debate the merits of changing the tire in the rain or just driving back to Wellington on the tire. I convince Matt and Joey it is best to just wait until we get home.

The guys had chosen Sumo Grill for dinner which I was cool with, and we headed around the northside of Wichita to get to the Eastside and to Sumo Grill. Had I know they wanted Sumo in advance, I would have taken us to see "Iron Man 2" at the Warren right next to Sumo rather than on the west side of town, and I would have made reservations. We show up at Sumo around 7pm-ish, there was not one parking space available and we could see at least a dozen if not more people standing and sitting in the waiting area inside.

Let me just say now, I hate the Eastside of Wichita. It reminds me of the too overly concerned with appearances vibe of West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Plastic stay at home moms and ladies who lunch with WAY too much make-up, push up bras, and annoying children named Blane or Persphone whom they playfully call Bootsie or Babs. *retch* We pulled into Bradley Faire to eat at Il Vicino and my senses were promptly assulted by such a woman leaning over her polo wearing six year old, cleavage out, leaning down arms akimbo helping to open the cleavage further for all the world to see, hair, nails, and make-up screaming I shop Neiman Marcus or nowhere, telling her litte boy that this was her day and that he was going to eat food she chose for him. She spoke to him in a 'dog voice' like she was talking to her prize Maltese or something.

I looked at Joey and Matt and said, "Yeah, we are SO out of here." We left and headed for the real side of town - south - toward N & J Bakery on Lincoln and Edgemore for some great Greek/Lebonese food. I could just taste the hummus and tabouleh and was planning on ordering the roast lamb kebobs. Well, that turned into a no starter as N & J is closed Sundays. We then headed for Marjaritas Cantina on Douglas. Nope - closed Sundays. Finally, I head to Old Town for Whiskey Creek Saloon. Just as I turned from Douglas into Old Town - my car stalled. Died right in the mid turn and the acceleration out of it.

I turned the car off, put the blinkers on, and sat there a moment. I looked at Matt and said, "I am buying a new car tomorrow." He said, "Okay" and that was our full discussion on the new car situation.

I turned my attention back to the Pathfinder we were still in, turned the key, and blessedly it started. We went straight to Whiskey Creek and had dinner - it was nearly 8pm. The place was empty. Four or five guys at the bar, and maybe a table or two near the back. It was perfect. No noise, no kids, no annoying nouveau riche bitches - I was in heaven. Matt and Joey got steaks, I got a spit roasted chicken breast. It was simple, easy, and relatively inexpensive when compared with Sumo Grill or Il Vicino.

We drove home and finally got into our house at 10:22pm. I wrote Ronda and email and told her I was taking Monday off to buy a new car...which I did.

I was up early and from 6:30am to 10:30am searched all the local dealerships stock online, did price comparisons to similar cars at dealerships in Wichita, and then started researching Consumer Reports, Kelly Blue Book, and various other car reviews. My critera:

  1. Had to be less than $20,000
  2. Had to have head and leg room so Matt would feel comfortable either driving or being a passenger
  3. Had to seat four comfortably - preferrably more
  4. Had to have good storage space
  5. Had to be either AWD or 4WD
  6. Had to have better gas mileage than the Pathfinder
  7. Could not be red or yellow

Well, I found just that in the 2007 Suzuki XL-7 Luxury model at Countryside Motors in Wellington. We paid Blue Book for the car, I got a $2000 trade in on the 1998 Pathfinder (with 223,000 miles on it). This new (used) car has only 52,000 miles, is Jet Black, has leather interior, a DVD player and plenty of room to stretch out for both the driver and passengers. Oh, and it can seat 7 too! Good storage in the back and on top - it has racks.

Here I am today - a new car, a topic to blog about without consulting my spreadsheet of topics, and a tasty bowl of mushrooms, and a delicious tossed salad for lunch.

OH, and no tornados near us at all last night! It's all good to go! Smile



Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 1:01 PM CDT
Updated: Tuesday, 11 May 2010 3:27 PM CDT
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Saturday, 8 May 2010
Week in Review
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Reality

So it is Saturday and I am up early. That is not unusual, but not anticipated. I had hoped to sleep in today. Oh, well, I guess not this time. Some odd dream about me mopping the kitchen floor and trying to kill ants with diatomaceous earth instead of chemicals like Raid woke me up. Funny thing was the kitchen I was mopping wasn't our kitchen, it reminded me of the kitchen I had at the house I lived in on Preston Way during my high school years. Anyway, it was a strange dream to have before waking this morning and I just can't shake that feeling that ants are crawling around me.

This week was a wild one, filled with LOTS of mental tasks for my brain. Several grant applications for the district were in process this week, with either the deadline being this past Wednesday or this upcoming Wednesday.

  1. Curtis Middle School - major overhauling of staff, class size, training, etc. $2M a year for three years is the request. Extremely detailed budget with last minute changes down to the wire. I REALLY hope we get this grant, it would do such good at that school, and help both the staff and the teachers.
  2. State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF) Investing in Innovation (i3) Development Grant (84.396C) - AVID, AP and PSAT program expansion for 21 schools is what our application is all about $1M a year for fiver years is the request. Again, a super detailed budget that I worked on with Stacie. This would go a long way in helping the children who would like to advance to higher education but are struggling or are at high-risk (AVID), children that want to go to college and starting in high school are gifted enough to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses but can't afford to pay for the testing fees, and children that want to take the PSAT. Additionally, the grant would aid in training teachers on teaching these specific children. It's too huge to explain here, but it is exciting.
  3. State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF) Investing in Innovation (i3) Development Grant (84.396C) - Same grant application program different grant application from the district - major training program overhaul - another $5M over five years.

The grant applications took a great deal of my time. Thankfully, Mary was there to help me with my journal entries and whatnot. I successfully balanced the several funds which have projects and grants reconciling to them, and we were able to proceed with closing April's books. After Sandy created the general ledger reports I created the salary spreads for Linda, including a new view of the figures which includes a single calculation for overtime instead of spreading the overtime throughout the various salary accounts which changes the average salary. Like you guys care what I am talking about here? LOL - I know exciting work, ay?

Well, work was also crazy because we got a bunch of new grants - 17 of them before Tuesday. Then the mini-grants were announced from the Wichita EDGE foundation, and so another 10 projects have to be set up by this upcoming Tuesday besides those 17 grants. I've set up a few already, but mainly I needed to do invoices to receipt the funds for which we have already received checks and ACH deposits. In addition to setting up new grants, and creating invoices I did several massive budget adjustments and additions to already existing grants. Then, there were all the regular things I do like set up account codes for payroll, and go to meetings, etc. etc. Needless to say, it was a busy week necessitating three hours of overtime (that I actually recorded and am asking reimbursement for) and three hours of overtime that I am not reporting.

At home, Matt and I have been relaxing and preparing for his first day at Spirit, which was yesterday. He is going to work about 90 days on first shift and then, most likey, will move to second shift for a while. We are hoping that he'll eventually get transferred back to first shift. Still, both of us are happy that he's got a permanent job again. He's been working on a temporary contract with TECT, the company that let him go in December 2008, who then rehired him in March 2009, and then let him go in April 2009, who then rehired him in May 2009 and then let him go again in August 2009 who then rehired him in March 2010. Yes, it has been a wild ride these last 16 months. Spirit supposedly has tremendously awesome medical and dental benefits. Joshua and CJ have Spirit's benefits and say they rock. As soon as we get the official cards from Matt's new work, I am cancelling the district's health insurance and claiming cash option. The district charges me $20 a month for insurance. When I take cash option, I'll not have to pay the $20 a month AND I will receive $100 a month. That means basically an extra $120 a month more than I now get. Better benefits, no cop-pay and extra money a month. Awesome.

Friday night I went to a Pampered Chef Party and spent way too much money. I am thrilled with what I am getting with this order. I can't wait to use all of the stuff at the Luau that Robin and I are putting together for May 22. I am getting two large rectangle platters with handles, two large round platters, two large square bowls, two three tiered stands, the spoon holder for the stove, an ice bucket set, a gravy separator, and an easy accent cake decorator. I just love Pampered Chef products.

This week I have also been watching South Park on Netflix Instant Streaming. Season 4 was the last one I had seen, and only a select few episodes form Season 5. I finished all of Season 6 today and laughed my butt off through most of the episodes. The last one where Santa tries to bring Christmas to Iraq was hysterical. Now Matt is wondering around the house singing the Mr. Hanky Christmas Poo song and playing with the flying screaming slingshot monkey I got him for his birthday.

Man - I just love the lazy weekends.


Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 12:42 PM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 8 May 2010 3:15 PM CDT
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Thursday, 11 March 2010
The blogger returns
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: "Shady's Back"
Topic: Reality

It's been veritable eons since I have sat down and really blogged. Why is that? Well, Facebook and DDO have been absorbing my time really. Honestly though, I wasn't blogging because I wasn't interested in sharing the reality of my life recently. So much has happened, where do I begin other than the fact that I have been trying to escape from it all into my fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons online.

Mostly - things in my life are great. I have the most loving thoughtful husband in the world, and good people I call my friends who are standing by me through it all. Yet, what is this "all" I am talking about?

The economy has taken a tremendous toll on the Kansas State Revenue projections for 2010. I know that the economy is bad all the way around, but just today, Kansas City Schools announced that they are closing 28 of their schools to cut $50,000,000 from their budget and prevent their school district from going bankrupt. Things at Wichita Public Schools aren't so bad, but it isn't all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

USD259 is facing a $25,000,000 budget cut because the state can't afford to reimburse us what they are supposed to right now so they have lowered what they are going to reimburse us per child next year, which just so happens to start July 1, 2010. As I am a budget analyst working in the budget office, I am not only working on various issues related to this, but am working on the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) money that is helping plug the holes in the district budget caused by the State of Kansas' current revenue crisis. Stressful doesn't even begin to describe it.

Since September, the district has received nearly $25 million in State Stabilization Funds (SFSF) from the ARRA because Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) could not afford to pay their portion of the district's General Fund and Supplemental General Fund (aka the Local Option Budget "LOB"). Just today I was working on a report that compiled just how much money the district received and how many full time employees (FTE) had their jobs retained due to this funding. It was shocking, but nearly $25M pays for over 400 people. If not for the ARRA funds for SFSF, 400+ people wouldn't have jobs right now.

Besides all that craziness at work trying to figure out all that needs to get done, Matt and I have been dealing with the prospect of unemployment insurance running out. Thankfully, he was hired on at TECT to do temporary work last week! That's only a four month guarantee. He's got feelers out there, and hopefully (fingers crossed) everything will go well with Spirit interviews/trainings/testing and he'll secure a full time job. Spirit is the parts supplier for Boeing Aircraft (used to be a part of Boeing or something) anyway, Spirit and Boeing work hand in hand on the Dreamliner and various other aircraft. For pretty much the last decade, we've (the greater Wichita area) have been waiting for Boeing to finally be picked for the new Air Force refueling tanker contract from the Pentagon. There was a huge scandal a few years back with Boeing and the Pentagon mucky mucks who award contracts, and then Airbus/Northrup Grumman was  awarded the contract which then Boeing challenged, and now FINALLY after what has seemed like forever, it looks like Boeing will get the contract. With that many planes to build, Spirit and Boeing have like 20 years of plane building on contract with the government. Enough time for Matt to work there a nice long time - we hope. Aircraft has been unstable for the last two decades, but was looking up in the late 90's. Then had a set back due to 9/11, and then started to rebound again...UNTIL...the recession AND THEN, the various comments made about CEOs and company planes by Washington DC people which then caused a HUGE crash in the private jet market. 12,000 people have been laid off in this area from the aircraft industry, and it is hurting.

Now, back in November 2008, I was pretty confident that we could live on my salary alone, and we have for the most part. We've put away more than 75% of what Matt made last year on unemployment and the few months of temporary work he did for TECT. I'm proud of our penny pinching. We now have a nest egg to fall back on should the need arise. Still, it has been UN-FUN to say the least, not knowing what the future might bring. I've watched houses in Wellington become vacant and go up for sale. The population of our town has shrunk by 500 in the last two years. The Apple Market grocery store closed two weeks ago. Taco Tico/Simple Simon closed months ago, as did Love's Gas Station. Now, Movie Gallery - the only video store in town - is closing its doors. Even the check cashing place has closed. Wellington has been dying a slow death since Wal-Mart moved in 20 years ago, but that only accelerated when the Super Wal-Mart opened two years ago Thanksgiving. The sad thing is that Wal-Mart is benefitting during this economy and all the small businesses in town are collapsing. It is depressing to drive by boarded up buildings in need of repair. I am wondering how long it is before Wellington looks like Flint, Michigan with vast stretches of vacant houses and store fronts.

What have I been doing lately though to try and keep out of this funk of the depressing economy? Well, I started knitting with ladies at work in 2009. I still haven't finished my first scarf yet, but that is more because I don't remember how to cast off and keep forgetting to take the scarf to work on Wednesday's for the knitting circle (aka Fiber Studies Class) we have at lunch.

I have also been cooking up a storm for friends and family. We have had three murder mystery dinners in the last year. I've posted two of them on my blog in the past, but just this February 13th we had a Roman Ruins Murder Mystery dinner. Everyone dressed in togas, except Matt who was in Roman armor. I researched ancient Roman cuisine for months and created as authentic a 36 BC meal I could create without actually marinating and fermenting sardines and mackeral in a clay jar for a month to recreate Roman garum. Yeah, we passed on that one at dinner! Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the food. Good news though, is I did take pictures of the friends in togas and such.

We hosted a "Welcome Home" party for a friend that was away on work related business for more than six weeks in late 2009, and I've started collecting copper tin lined jello molds for all the various salads, and neat baked things I make. I can't wait to try my mother-in-law Debbie's Tune Braid receipe modified to fit in the jumping fish mold I now own. Should be fun if I can perfect it in time for her and Ed's next visit - tuna braid shaped like a fish! I am also collecting more cooking and buffet / catering items for the future. I now have three full size chaffing dishes for a real wedding buffet kind of thing. Robin and Ronda (from whom I buy Pampered Chef items) have loved me dropping some dough at their parties the last few years - this past year being now exception. I opted for more Pampered Chef and no new clothing for myself.

I've really let the Christmas letter thing go the last two years. What was I going to say to people - Hi there, my mother's family is dropping like flies (Grandpa & Aunt Ardith in 2008 - Aunt Corrine & Uncle Harold in 2009) and oh yeah, my poor Grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's? My father and step-mother's families are also dying off - my Aunt Adeline passed away, and my step-mother's brother died too in 2009. SIX relatives gone in two years!

Nobody really wants to hear about the real life of a blended family - do they? Kyle had a really rough 2008 when his mother got remarried to her high school sweetheart in August. He started acting out because he had no release for his anger. Is that Christmas letter worthy? He's better now, but we'll just have to wait and see how things go when his mother gives birth to his baby half-sister in June who will be 12 years his junior.  He's doing well with his percussion and loves video games and hard rock music - besides all that his voice is deepening, he's starting to grow a backbone and is sticking up for himself at school and has all A's except for one B in beginning band. Michelle seems to be taking all of this in stride, but she's quiet and keeps to herself. She's a straight A student with a charming whit and beloved by all - yeah, people don't want to hear that do they? She's an awesome young lady who plays the flute, knows the saxophone a little, loves to draw, is totally creative - she rocks. People read that kind of stuff in Christmas letters and they retch right?

My life isn't all doom and gloom though, seriously. My thyroid medication is doing its job and I've lost nearly 70 pounds since August 2009. Now if I can only get rid of intermittent Athelete's Foot! I do need new glasses. I've blogged a lot about my health towards the end of my last active session of blogging, but what's really been going on lately.

LIFE - the daily wear and tear of life. Paying State Income Taxes, watching my home filing pile up. Trying to figure out how to afford to have the house painted and buying a new car for Matt and for me! Wondering when the next email will arrive telling me my Great Aunt Mary Ann has passed away or when my Great Aunt Cecelia will go - both in their 90's and hanging on despite recent poor health. I'm getting older and I am watching it all happen, and I cling to Matt for reassurance, as the planner and rationalist in my hates uncertainty but knows that the future is always uncertain, and thus you plan for everything you can plan for just in case. I HATE to worry, but it seems like that is all I do anymore. Who is next to die, who will I need to take care of in the near future, who will need what from me when? Will Kyle need braces? What if Michelle decides she really doesn't want any - what will her partially straight teeth say about her in this society judges everyone by looks? Will she be excluded or looked over because her teeth aren't perfect - silly as it sounds, it has happened to people I work with, who have taken corrective measures to have their teeth fixed while in their 40's to advance their careers. I don't want that to be Michelle's fate, but what can I do - I have no voice on that matter.

See - these aren't things for an end of the year letter, and they sure as hell aren't things for a quick phone call shared between friends every few months. This is serious LIFE stuff that might see pointless even in this blog, but piled upon each other over months and months of other things even too sensative to mention here or on random Facebook status updates, it adds up to...reality...and it is pretty heavy. - Now - have I just lost my membership to the Secret Society of Happy People?





Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 9:49 PM CST
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Friday, 28 August 2009
WOW what a difference a few days and 10 cc of blood can make
Mood:  bright
Topic: Reality

It sure has been an interesting week.

Tuesday morning as I was walking around my house getting ready for work, I just felt icky, and didn't want to go in. I wasn't sure exactly why, but I didn't feel right. More tired than I usually am, and my stomach was odd, and my left leg hurt in general. SO, I didn't go to work. I actually took the day off to try and feel better.

I sat down at the computer and felt an ‘oddness' - for lack of a better word - like a puffy popping feeling in my shin. I looked down and there was a huge red area on my shin in a circle, right where the corner of my car door hit me in 2003. The skin looked like it had a rash on it and it was hot to the touch and very sore. Matt strapped a bag of frozen vegetables to me and we elevated my leg. I took some Tylenol for the pain and rested. It felt a little better, and the swelling was somewhat reduced on Wednesday morning, so I went to work.

Wednesday morning at work, Kimmie from down the hall stopped by to see if I was feeling better and I showed her my leg. She got very serious and told me I needed to go to the doctor immediately. She knew exactly what it was because she got it on her arm a few years ago. Normally, I don't go to the doctor, I just deal with it and I heal, but Kimmie told me this wasn't just going to heal that it was serious.

I immediately got a doctor's appointment for Wednesday at 1:50pm and went in with Matt in tow. Here is what we found out:

  • I had Athelete's foot on the pinky toe, and fourth toe of my left foot which cracked and became infected, which
  • Created the Cellulitus that was occurring in my shin - which can be very serious if it spreads in your blood or something - totally not sure, but serious enough to warrant antibiotics for 10 days three times a day!
  • To make sure everything was okay, they did a blood test

So, Thursday morning I get a call from my doctor's office and they tell me I have hypothyroidism, which means my thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormone. My mother and my grandmother both have this.

I Googled it ( ) and this is what it said:


Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone.

See also:


Early symptoms:

  • Being more sensitive to cold
  • Constipation
  • Depression  - I have to fight this, but I constantly have a down feeling
  • Fatigue or feeling slowed down - Increasingly so for the last five or six years
  • Heavier menstrual periods - very bad since 2002
  • Joint or muscle pain - increasingly so for the last three or four years
  • Paleness or dry skin - Increasingly so for the last five or six years
  • Thin, brittle hair or fingernails - increasingly so for the last three or four years
  • Weakness - increasingly so the last two years
  • Weight gain (unintentional) - very bad since 2002

Late symptoms, if left untreated:

  • Decreased taste and smell - YEP~!
  • Hoarseness
  • Puffy face, hands, and feet - YEP!
  • Slow speech
  • Thickening of the skin
  • Thinning of eyebrows


The purpose of treatment is to replace the thyroid hormone that is lacking. Levothyroxine is the most commonly used medication. Doctors will prescribe the lowest dose that effectively relieves symptoms and brings the TSH level to a normal range. If you have heart disease or you are older, your doctor may start with a very small dose.


Lifelong therapy is required unless you have a condition called transient viral thyroiditis.

You must continue taking your medication even when your symptoms go away. When starting your medication, your doctor may check your hormone levels every 2 - 3 months. After that, your thyroid hormone levels should be monitored at least every year.

Important things to remember when you are taking thyroid hormone are:

  • Do NOT stop taking the medication when you feel better. Continue taking the medication exactly as directed by your doctor.
  • If you change brands of thyroid medicine, let your doctor know. Your levels may need to be checked.
  • Some dietary changes can change the way your body absorbs the thryoid medicine. Talk with your doctor if you are eating a lot of soy products or a high-fiber diet.
  • Thryoid medicine works best on an empty stomach and when taken 1 hour before any other medications. Do NOT take thyroid hormone with calcium, iron, multivitamins, alumin hydroxide antacids, colestipol, or other medicines that bind bile acids, or fiber supplements.

After you start taking replacement therapy, tell your doctor if you have any symptoms of increased thyroid activity (hyperthyroidism) such as:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Restlessness or shakiness
  • Sweating

Myxedema coma is a medical emergency that occurs when the body's level of thyroid hormones becomes extremely low. It is treated with intravenous thyroid hormone replacement and steroid medications. Some patients may need supportive therapy (oxygen, breathing assistance, fluid replacement) and intensive-care nursing.


The thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck just below the voice box (larynx). It releases hormones that control metabolism.

The most common cause of hypothyroidism is inflammation of the thyroid gland, which damages the gland's cells. Autoimmune or Hashimoto's thyroiditis, in which the immune system attacks the thyroid gland, is the most common example of this. Some women develop hypothyroidism after pregancy (often referred to as "postpartum throiditis").

Other common causes of hypothyroidism include:

  • Congenital (birth) defects
  • Radiation treatments to the neck to treat different cancers, which may also damage the thyroid gland
  • Radioactive iodine used to treat an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)
  • Surgical removal of part or all of the thyroid gland, done to treat other thyroid problems
  • Viral thyroiditis, which may case hyperthyroidism and is often followed by temporary or permanent hypothyroidism

Certain drugs can cause hyperthyroidism, including:

  • Amiodarone
  • Drugs used for hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), such as propylthiouracil (PTU) and methimazole
  • Lithium
  • Radiation to the brain
  • Sheehan syndrome, a condition that may occur in a woman who bleeds severely during pregnancy or childbirth and causes destruction of the pituitary gland

Risk factors include:

  • Age over 50 years
  • Being female

Tests & diagnosis

A physical examination may reveal a smaller-than-normal thyroid gland, although sometimes the gland is normal size or even enlarged (goiter). The examination may also reveal:

  • Brittle nails
  • Coarse facial features
  • Pale or dry skin, which may be cool to the touch
  • Swelling of the arms and legs
  • Thin and brittle hair

A chest x-ray may show an enlarged heart.

Laboratory tests to determine thyroid function include:

  • Serum TSH
  • T4 test

Lab tests may also reveal:

  • Anemia on a complete blood count (CBC)
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Increased prolactin
  • Low sodium


In most cases, thyroid levels return to with proper treatment. However, thyroid hormone replacement must be taken for the rest of your life.

Myxedema coma can result in death.


There is no prevention for hypothyroidism.

Screening tests in newborns can detect hypothyroidism that is present from birth (congenital hypothyroidism).


Myxedema coma, the most severe form of hypothyroidism, is rare. It may be caused by an infection, illness, exposure to cold, or certain medications in people with untreated hypothyroidism.

Symptoms and signs of myxedema coma include:

Other complications are:

People with untreated hypothyroidism are at increased risk for:

  • Giving birth to a baby with birth defects
  • Heart disease because of higher levels of LDL ("bad") cholesterol
  • Heart failure

People treated with too much thyroid hormone are at risk for angina or heart attack, as well as osteoporosis (thinning of the bones).

When to contact a doctor

Call your health care provider if you have symptoms of hypothyroidism (or myxedema).

If you are being treated for hypothyroidism, call your doctor if:

  • You develop chest pain or rapid heartbeat
  • You have an infection
  • Your symptoms get worse or do not improve with treatment
  • You develop new symptoms


Well, I am trying to take control of my blood chemistry even though I know that is a difficult thing to do.

I have an uphill battle before me but I shall not be daunted by this. It is a new life for me or it is no life. I am looking into several different dietary plans that change the way you think about food such as the South Beach Diet and Eat Right 4 Your Type. Something in those two together will work for me.

I have always felt better on a vegetarian diet and I am glad to be going back to one. I am going to be eating a lot of:


Corn, nuts, millet, rice, sunflower seeds and buckwheat

Root vegetables daikon radish, parsnips, turnips, rutabagas, carrots and onions

Fresh fruits (especially blue berries, strawberries, pineapple, cranberries, apricots and raspberries),

Non-root Vegetables - particularly avacados, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, kale, artichokes, dandelion greens, sprouts, romaine, and garlic

Whole grains - I am going to avoid wheat as much as possible since it makes me puffy - lots of Amaranth and Buckwheat coming my way

Beans - lots of kinds of beans

Fish - to get those Omega-3 fatty acids

Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 4:49 PM CDT
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Saturday, 8 August 2009
The week that promised hope and then crapped on us
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Reality

This week started off to be something of a surprise. Monday wasn't bad, although by the time I got home with dinner I was a little miffed. To recap:

Monday - I had brought my laptop home due to a meeting that I had on Thursday evening and I had just forgot to take it back to work on Friday. Well, I forgot to take it into work on Monday as well. Unfortunately, I had a training scheduled that day and had to borrow a laptop from the laptop cart. It bombed out twice during the training and the girl that I was training ended up having to sit at my desk using my computer. I don't like that at all. Also - I forgot to bring Matt's paycheck with me to deposit. Tried to close July at work, but a journal entry was pending - so oh well. Went to Wal-Mart and did a quick grocery shopping thing - bread, fruit, veggies, lunch meat, and roast chicken for dinner.

Tuesday - Went well. Silly auditors asking for things that they told us weren't due to them until 08/17 - they suck. Closed PnG for July though. Overall a good day. Forgot Matt's check again, but remembered to bring the laptop back to work.

Wednesday - More of the same stuff at work unsurprisingly. Forgot Matt's check AGAIN! Still in relatively good mood.

Thursday - remembered Matt's check!

Friday - good day at work, come home to find out Matt was laid off - again!

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Saturday, 11 July 2009
So much has happened in so little time!
Mood:  bright
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Topic: Reality

The Wellington Wheat Festival is here and in full swing, but nobody is around to enjoy it. That's right, Matt's family AND the children have gone home.

Matt's parents and two younger sisters arrived the evening of June 30. It was a terrible day for me as I had just learned that my Aunt Corrine's kidneys had started to fail and she was dying. She finally died on Friday morning and I was an absolute mess from about June 30 until yesterday. I still tear up when I talk about it - so I am not going to continue on in that vein now. Anyway, they arrive around 8:30-8:45pm while Matt and I were watching a movie - Taken with Liam Neissen - and unload, hung out a little and then went to bed.

Wednesday, July 1 - Matt and I went to work while Mom, Dad, and Kayla stayed at the house. I cried A LOT at work because I wasn't particularly comfortable crying at home in front of everyone, but I actually made it through the day. Diana had to be strong for me and get me moving again around 2pm because I was a mess. I hadn't heard anything about Aunt Corrine in many hours and finally ended up looking the care facility that she was in up on the web and calling and leaving a message for someone to get back to me with information. I also emailed my cousin Stacee and she got info for me from my Aunt Sandee (her mom) who was being kept up on the info from our cousin Diane, Corrine's only daughter. Well, when I got home, Matt's mom had cleaned our house. I felt incredibly guilty. Matt has tried to tell me that it is his mother's way of showing she loves us, but in my family, cleaning someone's house is more finding fault in the way you live than showing love. I have horrible memories of my mother sending me to polish and clean as if the Queen were visiting because my grandmother could find fault with everything. No matter how much we cleaned and how perfect the house looked, grandma would find something. I came home from school one day to find my visiting grandmother standing on a chair and cleaning the lip on the top of the door frame. YES, that ridge on the top of the door that's like seven feet high. My mother tried to tell me that grandma used to re-make my mother's bed after my mother had made it as a child/teenager telling my mother is wasn't right. So, cleaning in my family is just something that I have never liked. I clean when I am anxious and upset. When I came home and had nothing to clean I tried to look at it through Matt's eyes - it's love, be grateful. Yet, I still found myself feeling incredibly guilty and unworthy. It was their vacation and they're cleaning my house? Matt hugged me and told me to appreciate it and move on, which I did to the best of my ability. It was nice to see the toaster sparkle, although I know it won't last with the way Matt likes to pre-butter things and not use the tray in the toaster oven. The refrigerator was cleaned, inside and out - all spills and sticky stuff, and everything - just poof - gone! I am thankful it was all done, because in the state of despair I was in over my Aunt Corrine, I think all I would have done is cry over my sink.

Thursday, July 2 - I tried to get up to go to work, but since I hadn't slept at all - reoccurring nightmares the whole night when I did finally get some sleep, but most of the night, I spent looking at my fan in the darkness. It was awful. I haven't had such insomnia, well, since my Aunt Ardith died last May. I was shaking a tired. I emailed work that I wasn't coming, went back to bed with a sleeping pill, and got about three hours sleep. I thought the pill would put me out for like 8 hours - nope. So, I put together a shopping list and Mom, Kayla and I went grocery shopping for their visit. Deanna was to arrive on Saturday, July 4th, and the children were going to be back with us Friday afternoon. SO - I was shopping for eight people basically for three meals a day, for several days worth! We broke the $400 mark easily and filled my SUV to the brim. How we packed everything in the freezer, refrigerator, and my butler pantry is beyond me. We still have some of the bread left, but honestly, we've used just about everything well. Anyway, while Mom, Kayla and I were shopping, Dad went to Wellington's golf course and hit a bucket of balls. After we unloaded and stowed everything, they went to Crystal Springs to visit their friends Rusty and Rita whom they haven't seen since the last time they were here in December 2007. Matt and I kicked back, the house to ourselves and watched the latest NetFlix movie that had arrived - The Bucket List. We both cried at the end, and laughed at many of the moments in the film. It was a great flick, and I think I am going to buy it sometime later and add it to our growing collection of DVDs.

Friday, July 3 - This was an office holiday for me, but Matt had to go to work. My Aunt Corrine died finally this morning - she was 95 years old and weighed 66 pounds when she finally went. I started cooking around 8am while Mom and Dad went and rented a chainsaw. They played Lumber Jack and Jill and cut down all the saplings in our yards and wayward vines - IN FOUR HOURS! Amazing! Meanwhile, I made my homemade chicken salad, and potato salad - so lots of chopping for me - LOTS! I made five pounds of potato salad and a gallon of chicken salad. We ate that from 4th of July until just yesterday - actually, I think there is still potato salad in the refrigerator right now. Anyway, I cooked all morning, Kayla slept in, and they cut down trees. I made a Greek salad with my own homemade dressing and the black sesame seed coated steamed salmon wasabi balls with dipping sauce (that I made for the Murder Mystery dinner in March) for lunch. They were well received by the family as a nice light lunch. We hung out and played Boggle and cards, and then went to pick up the children in Wichita. Ed drove, and Kayla came with us. Matt and Mom hung out at home. I made dinner, which that night was garlic chicken eaten Korean style.  Steamed white rice is put into a lettuce leaf, and the chicken and garlic are placed on top of the rice. A red pepper garlic sauce (I swear it is like Korean catsup and OH SO GOOD) is spread on the chicken and rice and the lettuce leaf is rolled up like a burrito and eaten. Due to the children not liking hot sauce too much, I put out some teriyaki sauce, duck sauce, soy sauce and everyone was happy. I had enough leftovers so I could have some for breakfast (this is one of my favorite meals - Bul go ghi is the beef version in Korean). We celebrated Matt and Mom's half birthday since we never get to see her on her birthday and they never get to see Matt on his, with a red velvet cake I picked up at Wal-Mart that had white chocolate butter cream icing. After dessert, they all went to buy fireworks and I stayed home in the blessed AC.

Saturday, July 4 -  I started the day by making the family a French Toast Breakfast with some sausage for those who wanted it. I had to rush to the store because I hadn't noticed that the Texas Toast that we had purchased on Thursday was actually thin sliced, not the thick sliced I use for French Toast. So I ran out and got two loaves of that and came back tout suite. After breakfast, Mom helped me make Deviled Eggs and my 7 layer bean dip that Matt has taken to calling "THE DIP!!" yes, all capitals and exclamation points are necessary to express how he says it. Light lunch of sandwiches was served to stave off hunger. Kyle, Michelle, and Kayla went to the pool around 1pm, and Mom, Dad, Matt and I had a quite house to ourselves for a few hours in which to play Cribbage, which was nice. Matt's parents went to pick up Deanna, leaving around 6 since her flight arrived around 7, and while Matt went to pick up the children at the pool, I started cooking dinner. It was the typical 4th of July dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs and all the trimmings of pickles, onions, tomatoes, etc. served with my potato salad, fresh strawberries and red grapes, and the chicken salad - which was mainly for me as I don't eat beef and the franks were Hebrew Nationals, and the burgers 100% black Angus. When it finally got dark we all went outside and watched Matt blow stuff up. I didn't last too long outside. The first thing I did when I walked outside was step into a spider web, then when I got my chair, June bugs kept flying into my head and hair. I just couldn't take it and came inside. Between the heat, humidity, bugs, loud noise and smoke, I was done. I've never been a huge 4th of July fan, stemming from the time that Bill Cox threw a M80 at me while he was drunk at my Uncle Albert's 4th of July party when I was about 11 and they were living at their Culver City house. I was deaf for a few hours and nobody cared - yes, that's my loving family. That kind of stunt turned me off from fireworks and the jerks that tend to throw them around. I have very bad associations with being close to them. Now, if I am watching sky fireworks from far away, I can appreciate it, but firecrackers and the like that are thrown or within 50 feet of me - no, I'll pass on those and keep my hearing thank you. Even the sky ones have gone crazy. One year at Danny and Michelle's house, a shell that Matt launched only made it some six to ten feet off the ground before it exploded and shot fire and sparks in all directions - including my face. That and the fact that hot shell casings rained down on my head have basically sealed fireworks' fate for me as nothing but dangerous and unfunny. I only watch them because Matt loves them so much. I am in a constant state of tension while they are being shot off, and the more people around the worse it is because that's just more people to become injured when one of those explosives goes off when it is not expected. Kansas fireworks are not the "SAFE AND SANE" brand of fireworks sold in California that I grew up with, oh no they are not! These fireworks are called BLACK CAT, and we are talking Roman Candles, and actual three explosive shells with launching tubes. Not just fountains, screamers, and spinners like in California. These are bottle rockets and all the stuff California outlawed like 20+ years ago. The stuff people in California go to Mexico to buy. No thanks, I'll pass.

 Sunday, July 5th -We slept in as best we could. Matt's family went to Crystal Springs for church service and didn't come back until nearly noon. It was a quite morning with the children asleep upstairs. Matt and I watched the morning show on CBS and slowly woke up. We really did nothing this day but eat, play games, and generally relax. It was wonderful. Leftovers are wonderful!

Monday, July 6th - I had taken vacation and Matt had the day off work, so we planned on sleeping in. Well, my work called at 8:37am waking me up from a sleeping pill induced sleep - the best I had had in a month. It was something about needing me to review XYZ for PeopleSoft mass account update and yadda yadda. Well, I was off and on the Internet all day checking emails and answering questions and calling people etc. It FUCKED UP my whole day. Ruined it completely and put me in the WORST mood - very BLACK and ANGRY mood. I was basically 'on-call' and put in about three total hours of work while I "hurry up and waited" it out the rest of the time. I did manage to make a nice French Toast breakfast again for my family, since Deanna missed it the first time I made it earlier in the visit. I didn't get to participate in any of our family going-ons that day. We went to dinner at Applebee's for Michelle's birthday (it is July 13 but Matt's family won't be here). I got the absolutely awful vegetarian so-called pizza - spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms on a tortilla crust with asiago cheese. It was overly salty and nasty. Applebee's grills all of its stuff on the same grill so I can't order chicken because it will be grilled alongside of beef and I'll get sick. I loath the place, but it wasn't about me, it was Michelle's choice and she all Kyle love that chain restaurant *shrug* their young. If you like Applebee's - fine - but it is not for me. Mass produced, frozen and reheated food - Chilies, Fridays, Ruby Tuesday, Applebee's - they are all the same. I'd much rather go to a mom and pop whole in the wall place with original recipes and real fresh food. I did manage to start making my Bolognese sauce for Tuesday night’s dinner, and Matt went and picked up the 35th wedding anniversary cake I had ordered for his parents. We ate cake and they opened the two presents we got them – a 5 piece Japanese tea service (which unfortunately broke in shipping), and a two person sushi dish set. They love sushi and tea. When I had asked Matt what his parents liked, he answered, “Jesus, tea, and yelling.” So I focused on the tea part of his suggestion and the fact that I knew they also like sushi.

Tuesday, July 7th – I took this day off as well to spend with Matt’s family, but they took off to Wichita with the kids and went to Exploration Place to see the “Whales/Tohora” exhibit and whatnot. So, Deanna and I had the house to ourselves this day. She played Rockband 2 and I paid bills and balanced the checkbook. I set out the Bolognese sauce and kept a watchful eye over it throughout the day. I also opened Amy’s two boxes of books she sent me this day. They arrived like Thursday or Friday but I hadn’t had the time or opportunity to open them. I started reading “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.

Wednesday through Friday all I did was work really. I came home Wednesday night and made three abso-frickin’-lutely huge pizzas for the family. We still have some leftovers in the frige from those three monsters. Oh so yummy if I do say so myself. Piled sky high with fresh toppings – YUM! So – work work work and crap like that.

Matt’s parent when home on Thursday. I feel terrible that Wednesday night I was so tired I went to bed not even thinking about them leaving the next day. So, I totally forgot to hug and kiss them goodbye or thank them for all that they did. Bad daughter-in-law bad!

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Monday, 29 June 2009
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Reality

Ed, Debbie and Kayla are scheduled to arrive tomorrow night and the house is a frickin' pig sty. The kitchen is a mess, I haven't dusted, I need to clean the bathroom with the steam mop, the library needs vacuuming...oh, it is just a mess. I need to clean out the refrigerator tonight before I go shopping tomorrow. I have put a list together of everything that needs to be done, but I just don't know if I can get it all done before they arrive.

This weekend was the conclusion of a month of hell for me. I worked three Saturdays in a row - eight hours each of those days. Many days in June I have worked through lunch to get things posted and on Tuesday, June 23, I actually was at the office at the AMAC building until 9:20pm finishing closing the district's books on grants. I was so exhausted when I got home I cried. I cried again on Thursday night because my headache would just not go away. Finally, my body just gave out and I took the day off on Friday. My back hurt, head hurt, and I was shaking. I had worked 22 of the last 25 days - a minimum of 8 hours a day. During that time, I put in 36.5 hours of overtime. A normal day being 8 hours, that means I put in an additional four and a half days of work! So, how does that work exactly? In 25 days, I really worked 26.5 days? Can you start to understand why I was so frickin' tired? Hmmm?

I haven't done anything but work for so many days in a row I was going crazy. Shaking, crying, dreaming of numbers and mumbling them in my sleep. This is the stuff that makes people turn to drugs I tell you! So, when I took Friday off - I did NOTHING! I did not a damn thing! The most I did this whole weekend was make dinner on Friday night, go to the movies on Saturday afternoon to see Transformers 2, and play D&D until 3AM will into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Okay, I admit that I did do two loads of wash on Sunday and make the family a French toast breakfast, but that's not really anything special.

So - now Matt's family will be here in mere hours and I have to regain my sanity and be a hostess. I'm planning to the Nth degree of course so things will go smoothly. I need to remember to send Matt out to buy fireworks - hopefully with his dad before Saturday.

I've got to get more RIT dye and fixative for the tie dying session we are going to have this weekend. AND - I need to pick up shirts! I might just order all that crap online and save myself the running around. I definately have to go to the Dollar store and pick up a bunch of cheap candles. The power has gone out a lot recently with all the storms and we've been using our candles so much there isn't much left.

I feel like the White Rabbit - I'm late, I'm late...and I want to cry out for help...but I need REAL help, like Jedi worthy help! "Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" LOL...I am soooo loosing it. Laughing 


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Friday, 12 June 2009
Ouch - Arthritus, Thunderstorms and Other Stuff to Test Your Metal
Mood:  rushed
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Topic: Reality

At 4:15am a marvelous thunder and lightning storm wove its way across south central Kansas and landed over Wellington with much flashing and rolling noise. When that happened and the barometric pressure dropped, my back (which I threw out picking up an old lady's change for her) went crazy. I had a seizing of my lower back muscles that woke me from a fairly deep sleep and tossed me out of bed. I was up and stumbling around, clutching my back and making a beeline to the bathroom - I didn't want to wake Matt.

So there I sat, in tremendous pain, counting out Tylenols in my hand and feeling like pooh. All the joints I have damaged, broken, sprained, etc in my accident prone and formerly athletic life were aching. The elbow I broke roller skating, the knee I hyper-extended sliding into third base, my neck I hurt when learning to surf with a nice face plant into the sand and board into my neck and head, the wrist I broke playing basketball, the other wrist I sprained learning my drum major mace routine and then sprained again when I was learning to twirl a riffle, the ankle and knee I severely sprained cross country skiing, the fingers I have slammed into doors and piano covers...OY VEY...every single one of the was throbbing all in time to each other. I was sick to my stomach and dizzy with the pain. Finally, after some very deep breathing exercises remniscent of Lamaz, I made it back to my bed.

Deep breathing again, and mentally relazing my muscles took effort, but I eventually fell back asleep...and then the alarm went off. Well, Matt got me out of bed and gave me more pain medication and told me to take more at 8am, which I dutifully took. Driving to work in the pouring rain with lightning strikes every other minute or two next to the turnpike was far from interesting and more hair raising than anything.

Well now, the storm is gone, the barometric pressure has returned to normal, and a majority of those aches are a memory. Thank you sunshine!Cool

Ahhh, the weather in Kansas...don't like it...just wait it will change. That is SO the truth.

I really didn't need to feel like pooh today, and I am feeling better as I write this whilst I chomp on my chicken caesar salad and guzzle my Sierra Mist. Year end has really come crashing down on the Financial Services Division, and I mean literally crashing - as in - OUR FINANCIAL SYSTEM! Yes! It crashed!!! Well, the actual hardware, the servers, yeah - they went crispy critter on us Wednesday night. We were having issues Tuesday and went down two hours before end of day, then we were down half the day Wednesday and all day on Thursday. We are up today, but that means I will have to work overtime this Saturday to catch up like I did last Saturday. It's not Oracle's fault, it is the server hardware, not the software. Still - I have to keep telling myself - it's Oracle, not miracle!

Overtime - normally that would mean money in my pocket woo hoo...well, less woo hoo for Matt and I than normal. My co-worker Sandy has just lost her son. He was 32 years old, and him and his wife had just had their second child who was only nine days old when - massive brain aneurism! He simply dropped dead. They kept him on a ventilator for a day or two and ran tests, but he was indeed brain dead. They said it was congenital. Well, Sandy had just had hip and knee surgery and has no time off left, so she has been out since Monday without any pay, and she won't be back until July 6th with arranging for the two memorial services, one in Virginia and one in Wichita (her son was in the military stationed in Virginia), and with attending the actual military burial in North Dakota. His widow is moving back home to be near her parents and Sandy is going to help get everything together. SO she will be out a whole month worth of pay AND of course all the cost for her to fly out to Virigina on an emergency ticket, flying home to Wichita and then to North Dakota and back. We've taken up a collection here at the office to help her. I've decided I am going to give her all my overtime I work this month and make her some meals in small packages so she can freeze them. I can't even imagine her pain and sorrow right now.

Well then, my little back pain can't compare, and I should feel grateful and lucky to be alive. Believe me I am, and I tell Matt I love him everyday. Life is too short.

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Sunday, 31 May 2009
The Good, The Bad, and The Guilty - Murder Mystery Dinner
Mood:  party time!
Topic: Reality

Matt and I are again playing host and hostess to a Murder Mystery Dinner. This one is a western theme - The Good, The Bad, and The Guilty. It is planned for a Saturday in July and I can't be sure if it was the 18th or the 25th - I just don't remember - so hopefully the guests will straighten me out.

Here is the guest list and their characters - 

Butch Chastity - Robin Lynes - Legendary Butch Chastity is the first lady of outlaws. Her all-woman gang are the Amazons of the American West. There's nothing coy or dainty about Butch. She can drink her fellow outlaws under the table; she can hold her own in a game of poker; she can rob a stagecoach in record time; and she can kill a man just as soon as look at him - and often does. In her secret high-out, a place called the Hole in the Mud, Butch plans the most daring of heists, including her many famed train robberies. It has been rumored that Butch has gotten away with more gold than any outlaw alive.

P'elvis Swagarin - Floyd Lynes - When a mysterious lone gunslinger rides into some dusty western town, it's usually P'elvis Swagarin. Solemn, poker-faced, bowlegged - he's a cowboy's cowboy. Born Peter Elvis Swagarin, he's P'elvis to those who know him. He's a man with no belongings but the shirt on his back, his gun and his saddle...a man who sleeps beneath the icy stars, a horse his only companion. P'elvis appeared out of the prairie heat just two days ago, and ever since he arrived, the whole town of Roadkill has been whispering in hushed tones, wondering who he is and what he wants.

Helena Handcart - Vikki Thompson - Matriarch of the Handcart clan, Helena is the mother of the Handcart boys: all thirteen of them. Billy-Bob, Bobby-Rae, Little Ricky, Martin and Lewis, Harpo, Groucho, Sleepy, Sneezy, Manny, Moe, and Jack. Oh - and, of course, the Beav. Unfortunately, she had to busy all thirteen of her sons after they were tragically killed in a shoot-out at a dairy farm. The now infamous gunfight at the Parkkay Corral left her with nothing but memories. A strong woman, she has been able to survive, although most of the time she remains secluded on the sprawling Handcart Ranch, managing the family cattle business. Helena owns half the territory and never lets anyone forget it.

Chief Breaking Wind - TJ Thompson - Chief Breaking Wind is the distinguished leader of the Cowpai tribe - an hnonorary position these day, since the entire Cowpai tribe fell victim to a mysterious disease several years ago and perished. Still, the stoic chief keeps his traditions alive, trusting that, with his help, the Cowpai will rise again. Unwillingly relieved of his tribal responsibilities, the chief has since opened a successful barber shop in town and, ignorant historial references notwithstanding, hasn't scalped a soul. Still, no one ever angers the chief.

Elvira-Lynn Fekshin - Alison Robbins - Elvia-Lynn is the consummate soiled dove and makes no bones about it, so to speak. She's known throughout the territory, and there's even that famous saloon song written about her - My Heart Burns for You, and Other Places, Too. She's the proud madam of the Pigeon Ranch, the best little you-know-what in Roadkill. Since Judge Waylon Payne is one of her steadiest clients, the law does a good job of looking the other way. To look at her now, you'd never guess she was born in the gutter and suffered a sickly childhood, battling everything from consumption to bubonic plague. But now she spreads, among other things, sunshine wherever she goes.

Wyatt Hertz - Matt Robbins - Wyatt Hertz is by far the most famous lawman in the West. He kept the wild frontier town of Roadkill under tight control, keeping the locals in line with an iron fist of fear. That is, until a shotgun blast caught him in the tender parts. Legend has it that Wyatt was ambushed by the visious Partridge Family gang, and he didn't stand a chance. That was a year ago. Since then, he's retired, letting Judge Waylon Payne reign as both sheriff and justice of the peace. Now Wyatt runs a lucrative rent-a-horse business. He never lost a gunfight, and some folks believe he could take out a whole gunslingin' gang with a single round from his six-shooter.

Dee Adela Muerte - CJ Parson - She is known as just Adela to her friends. Adela is a Mexican beauty with the most pious of spirits but is plagued by bad luck. She's been thrice-widowed - each time as a newlywed. Her first husband, a local politician, died shamefully during on of his secret outings to the Pigeon Ranch. Her second husband, the town pastor, died while preaching, and her third husband, the town undertaker, keeled over from exhaustion while planting the thirteen Handcart boys. Now poor Adela is left to deliver Sunday sermons and forced to become town undertaker. Still, she knows that she will rise above her misfortune. Until then, she'll continue to wear her black mourning veil.

Elias Truist Heath - Joshua Parson - Young Elias is an up-and-coming heart-throb gunfighter. He can dazzle spectators with his quick draw and a spin from hisguns, and when he's not showing off his singing skills, he's demonstrating his pugilistic prowess. He's known as the best brawler west of the Mississippi and comes out of every fight with nary a scratch. Orphaned as a boy, Elias was raised under the firm, wise, hand of Judge Waylong Payne. After a patriotic stint with the U.S. Cavalry Elias returned home to Roadkill and to the women who adore him.

All these characters have been invited to the Public Hanging of The Malevolent Seven at the request of Judge Waylon Payne in the Wyoming Territory Town of Roadkill. - 10pm 2 July 1881.

I am still working on our menu - but here is what I am thinking about making:

  • Pomegranate Chipotle Pork Ribs
  • Sassy Sangria Grilled Chicken
  • Corn on the Corb
  • Alison's special potato salad
  • Sweet Pepper Jalapeno Cornbread
  • Collared greens

 I just went to a Tastefully Simple party hosted by Robin and bought the Pomegranate Chipotle sauce as well as the Sassy Sangria sauce, and the Sweet Pepper Jalapeno salsa, so I might as well use them for a party she is going to attend.

I believe I am going to make either apple pie or peach cobbler for dessert served with vanilla ice cream.

For drinks, I am thinking long neck beers, Mike's Hard Lemonade, and Henry Weinhard's root beer. If I can find real Sasparilla, I will try and serve that. Oh, and of course whiskey! I don't have any more moonshine left from the ranchers in No. California, but I am sure that liquid lightning would have been tasty after aging seven years.

Anyway, I am thinking of decorating the table with a quilt, and serving drinks in mason jars or glass mugs. I am looking into buying blue and white enamelware that I've always wanted, on which to serve this dinner as well.

It is going to be a family style buffet and lots of fun no matter how we set it up.

Okay - off to research collard green receipes.




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Wednesday, 13 May 2009
Let me e', too long...let me sum up
Mood:  bright
Topic: Reality

It has been pointed out by Ed, Shurree, and others that I have neglected my blog now for months. Considering that I pay to host my own website, I am feeling financially guilty now, and must rectify this situation immediately.

Many things have happened since I last updated my blog. To sum up:

·         Matt was called back in March and again in May (currently) to provide temporary work at his old job. Thus, unemployment stops and he gets a paycheck for two weeks at a time. Today marks two weeks back at his job – temporarily – as they announced more layoffs yesterday at a company meeting. Hopefully Matt will be able to finish out the week before he is laid off again.


·         My Dad and Pat bought a new house in Lancaster and moved in a few weeks ago! I am very excited for them both.


·         We took a vacation (really our Honeymoon after 6+ years of waiting) to South Padre Island, Texas renting a beach house from April 20-27. It was fabulous. $1,800 for seven full days(!) plus tax and $125 cleaning fee. The Banana Cabana (that’s the house’s name) was luxurious and had its own private pool. It would have slept ten people easily. Four bedrooms, awesome couch, amazing kitchen with an array of cooking gizmos that I was impressed with from the get go. Granite countertops, plush mattresses, sunken Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom suite. Three full bathrooms overall! Hammocks and a grill – wow – just awesome. We went grocery shopping the second day and stayed in for a perfect Honeymoon. I cooked for us – grilled jumbo prawns, HUGE scallops, salmon, mahi mahi, a porterhouse steak for Matt, spaghetti Bolognese, Mexican food with fresh Pico de Gallo. ANYWAY – we were alone together, relaxed, and snuggly. I got to float in a pool for days on end and got a nice tan, too.


·         My car has signaled that it is nearing the end of its life. The orange Service Engine Soon light came on and from what the guys at Firestone said, my catalytic converters (Pathfinders have two) are on their way to the happy hunting grounds. Replacing them, the sensors, etc would run me about $3,300 so we are readying ourselves for some car hunting. Any suggestions on what not to buy and what to buy? I like trucks and SUVs as both Matt and I are tall people – so no Cooper Minis and stuff made for average size people. My Pathfinder works, but we’d both appreciate a vehicle with more head and leg room.


·         We suspect that Matt’s debit card number was swiped by the scallywags at Simple Simon Pizza/Taco Tico in Wellington as over $243 in iTunes charges have appeared on our bank account. Bank of America fraud protection contacted us, froze Matt’s debit card – then cancelled it. Matt went in Monday and filed a police report with the City of Wellington PD and we’re in the process of filling out all kinds of paperwork to get the information the bank has on the transactions origins and such so the police can investigate and don’t have to file a subpoena. What fun and excitement! NOT!


·         Planning for summer vacation has had its ups and downs. The children will most likely not be going to Delaware with their grandparents this summer as they have for the last four years due to circumstances beyond our control. Long story there involving Kyle, counselors, and well, more stuff than I can mention online. It looks like Matt’s parents are going to come visit us instead of the children going there – which is tougher on them with the super long drive from Pennsylvania and such in the middle of summer heat. We haven’t seen them since Christmas of 2008, so it will be nice to visit with Debbie and Ed, and see how much Kayla has grown up in the passing months. I believe Deanna is going to escape from her job for a bit to come if she can. Now that I have learned how to knit, perhaps she can share some of her knitting knowledge with me?


·         Speaking of knitting, I have three feet of my first scarf done! It isn’t perfect, but it is fun. When I finish it, I will post a picture online.


·         Matt and I are going movie crazy this summer. We’ve already seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine (we took Kyle to this), and last weekend we saw Star Trek. We are going to take the children to see Star Trek this weekend. We are planning on taking them to Night at the Museum on May 29, and Land of the Lost (which opens June 5). Also on our list of movies this summer is Transformers 2, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and GI Joe: Rise of Cobra. It will definitely be a blockbuster summer!

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