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What A Long Strange Trip It's Been
Saturday, 31 January 2009
Busy as a bee
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Shhh, nothing, the family is asleep!
Topic: Being Happy

It is Saturday morning and I have a whole day of activities ahead of me. I have already steam cleaned the tile floor in the bathroom and am soaking the toilet. All I need to do is put away our weekly/daily stuff we use and voila, the bathroom with be ‘guest’ presentable. Then, it is the kitchen that needs a thorough once over, and then dining, game room, and living room. The children and Matt should be up by then and I am putting them on emptying trash cans, dusting, and general straightening.


Robin, Floyd and their children are coming over around 4 pm and will be joining us for dinner. Their children are ages 7 and 9. Yes, both younger than ours, but I think Kyle and Michelle can handle that for a night. They just got a Wii for Christmas and are excited to play some of the new games we have on our Wii, like Lego Indiana Jones, and Mario Party, etc. I hope all goes well between the children.


Robin is a woman I work with downtown at the administration building of USD 259; she’s a purchasing agent. I’ve known her a little more than six years now, and have been to her home on at least four separate occasions, although, she has never been to mine. Floyd also works for USD 259 as a Food Service Driver Supervisor. He drives the food service trucks and organizes his staff. Matt worked with Floyd in 2003-04 when he was laid off at Cessna during the last economic downturn that really hit the aircraft industry. We’ve been out to dinner with Robin and Floyd once before for sushi at Sumo so, this shouldn’t be too awkward of an evening. We have the pool table and an awesome trash talking dartboard to play on with them while the kids immerse themselves with the Wii.


For dinner I am making at least three varieties of pizza:


1)      A super meat pizza (with turkey pepperoni, turkey bacon, and hamburger) with thin crust – Robin’s favorite – meat pie!

2)      A pepperoni pizza for the children should they not want the  super meat pie – also thin crust

3)      A onion, tomato, feta, olive, mushroom, chicken pizza with SUPER thick crust (for me!)


I need to send the kids or Matt down the street to the local grocery to pick up 2 two liter bottles of 7up and a navel orange so I can make Tang Punch. It’s a little sugary but doesn’t have caffeine, so hopefully the children won’t be bouncing off the walls TOO much. At least I can control the amount of sugar I use when making the Tang. It also makes one heck of a mixer for coconut rum or vodka! Luckily, I bought cups, plates, napkins, and maraschino cherries for today. What’s a punch or cocktail without citrus fruit or a cherry?


Right now, I am trying to decide what kind of nibble food I need to set up so when they get here at 4 pm they don’t starve until I serve dinner at 6 pm. Since we are having a lot of cheese with the pizza, I’d like to shy away from cheese and crackers, and since they aren’t vegetable people…hmmm, what I can serve? Chips and salsa would be good, but it can be messy, and the thought of a 7 year old trying to not get salsa all over my tan ultra suede chairs and couch just doesn’t sit well with me. I could make mini-quiche or tarts. I’ve got the philo dough, pastry, berries, and eggs. Bacon quiche, berry tarts, - OH, I have peanut butter and celery. Perhaps the children will like that? Colors – quiche is yellow, berry tarts are reddish purple, celery is green, peanut butter brown…OH, the punch is orange. I need a few more colors in there…maybe I will make spicy tuna melts. I need to use the remaining mushrooms today, so, I’ll make those – at least I know Matt likes them. Okay – I think I have the snackie pooh menu for eight down:

  • Mini-quiche – bacon & eggs (a dozen)
  • Mini-tarts – mixed berries (a dozen)
  • Celery filled with peanut butter (and a few cream cheese ones)
  • A dozen spicy tuna melts
  • A dozen stuffed mushrooms

That should be colorful enough and provide a good variety. I wonder, do I have any red grapes left? A quick roll through some blue cheese…hmmm…well, off I go.

Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 10:31 AM CST
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