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Friday, 18 January 2008
Rational and Compassionate Immigration Law
Mood:  sharp
Topic: Politicians

Immigration is an issue that is created to give people something to rant about and direct the blame for a tanking economy at people who come here looking for something all of our ancestors came here looking for (that is if you are not 100% Indigenous /Native American) that being work, and basic freedoms; the opportunity for success. Immigration laws in this country have been biased, bigoted and exploitative since the Constitution was inked. I am all for fair, rational immigration law, as the current laws do nothing but make criminals out of people looking for a better life.

* Eliminate quotas based on education and country of origin

* Open up immigration

* Give each (adults and children) incoming immigrant something akin to a social security number and identification like a green card that they can use to achieve legal, gainful employment from which taxes are collected

* Additionally every immigrant will continue to pay an immigrant fee on each paycheck until they become a full legal citizen; this will help offset the immigration program

* Higher fees for areas of the country that are already densely populated

* Lower fees for areas of the country with shrinking populations

* Identification green card pseudo passport must be used when the exit or enter the US

* If they leave the US for more than a six month period, and then return, they must pay the immigrant fee they would have been paying on each paycheck while they were gone up to a maximum of $500

* Applications for citizenship are immediately created and an application fee is collected (adults and children, same application fee for children, no exceptions)

* Many illegal immigrants pay people (coyotes) to sneak them in to the United States. Why not make it fair and up front having the fees come to the US Government to help offset the immigration program?

* Applicant Immigrants must establish a bank account (checking and savings account at the time of entry with minimum deposits)

* Partnership with national banks to encourage applicant immigrants to be a part of the system and become a part of the community

* Provide information about the applicant immigrants destination community with contact information community outreach, including translator services

* Information could include: education opportunities for citizenship classes, basic living skills for US life, employment opportunities for various levels of skills in that community, training opportunities to fill positions currently unfilled, basic guide to that community and its various social services like schools, libraries, etc.

* Upon entering the US immigrants do the following: Provide a set of fingerprints entered into a national database, take a drug test (and if they fail, no entry into the county), have a picture of themselves taken, including any identifiable marks (like tattoos), have a physical to determine if they have any contagious diseases (like TB), and if they do provide them with treatment

* Additional benefit of making these people legal is they won’t be as worried to be a part of the system since they will have rights, protection, and services from the police and emergency services. Many crimes among the illegal immigrant community go unsolved and unreported due to their fear of being found out.

* Using the database that is created from the application and identification process, provide access to businesses to verify applicant immigrants legality.

* If businesses are found to be employing illegal immigrants, severe penalties and the removal of any tax breaks for that business

* Possible criminal charges against the persons directly responsible for hiring the illegal immigrant

* No additional fences

* All current illegal immigrants must go through the application and identification process, paying all associated fees, submitting to all the fingerprinting, drug testing, opening a bank account, etc, and will begin paying the non-citizen fee. They are in essence a new applicant immigrant. No additional penalties for being here illegally

* Any criminal felony violation committed by the applicant immigrant during the application and citizenship process means immediate deportation

It might seem radical and liberal to allow everyone to just come to the US, but why not? Is it that we are worried they will take jobs? Jobs like what, picking fruit or working in a meat packing plant? Or changing sheets at motels or busing tables? Many Americans find that work beneath them and feel they are entitled to a job of a certain status and pay – they don’t want to do grunt work. Well, if there are people out there will to hustle and work hard for a living than I think those jobs should go to them. Besides, there are a lot of places in the US that are having a shortage of specialized workforce. Here in Kansas we are so hurting for teachers that we are importing them from the Philippines. YES! And why? Because unemployed teachers in other states are unwilling to move to Kansas or don’t have the credentials to pass Kansas’ tough certification process for teachers.

Anyway, for all those out there that think immigrants don’t contribute to US society…

One of my great-grandfathers was an immigrant from Italy. He moved to New York in the 1890’s. He worked delivering ice and coal. It was a dirty, sweaty job, but he did it. His son went on to become a grocer. His son went on to become a telephone repairman and then an insurance salesman. His daughter (me) went to college and holds teaching degrees and is a professional budget analyst. That’s just one of my great-grandfathers.

Another was a mason from Armenia that escaped the Armenian Holocaust. Coming to America saves his and my great-grandmother’s lives. There daughter went on to work in the airplane factories during WWII, and then to raise three children all of whom are successful – small business owner, program director for NASA, executive assistant for Raytheon.

Another set of great-grandparents came to America from Lithuania just before the Czar was killed in Russia and the Soviet Union came to power. Again, who knows what would have happened to them had they stayed there. He was a cobbler. His son was also a cobbler, and his son served in WWII fighting at Iwo jima, and after the war was over, came home to become a small business owner.

I am now a married, middle class person, tax paying, home owning, and college educated all because my ancestors came to America. Yes, I do not believe I would be here today if they hadn't come to America - for one thing at least the Armenians would have been killed by the Turks. Anyway, I think the community I live in is better off for me being a part of it.

Immigrants (and their eventual descendants) have PLENTY to offer this country.

Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 12:52 PM CST
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008 - 8:29 AM CST

Name: "Dad"

   A sound, reasonable, equitable plan, Ali. This is exactly why no politician will ever suggest or vote for it, and why you would never get elected if you ran for office - too much common sense.

   I have never understood the anxiety about immigrants in the past couple of years - it's not as if most of them are taking white collar jobs; they are taking jobs that few Americans will soil their hands with, or stoop to doing. This follows in the grand tradition of all waves of immigration to America; each succeeding generation moves up the labor/education scale and assimilates into the larger society. As far as I am concerned all the Latin Americans and Pakistanis and Indians who want to move her can - it's those who refuse assimilation into the larger culture that concern me most.

   I do not want to see shariah permitted among Islamic communities here - if you want that, go back to the Middle east or an area where it is practiced. Islamic fundamentalism is a far greater threat to America that Mexican immigrants ever will be. The Canadians made a big mistake in pushing multiculturalism in their provincial governments and education systems, and now they have big problems with Islamists who want to transplant here what many others left to get away from.

   In our history the Germans, Irish, Italians, Scandinavians and many other people came and prospered despite initial resistance by the "natives". May it be so with Latinos as well, to everyone's benefit.

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