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What A Long Strange Trip It's Been
Friday, 4 January 2008
Support Hillary Clinton!
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Politicians

So, the Iowa caucus results are in and everyone is praising Obama and bashing Hillary. Why?

It's one state and there are many more primary elections and caucus meetings to come.

I've read that people are touting that 2 of 3 Democrats in Iowa didn't vote for Hillary Clinton. You know statistical information can be manipulated easily. It's all about spin. She finished less than a full point behind John Edwards but nobody is saying anything about 2 of 3 Democrats not voting for him. Why is that?

Well - honestly, I think there is an underlying tone of "get Hillary Clinton". I think that Republicans are scared of her. I think that men who won't admit that they just can't vote for a woman are scared of her. Yes, I really think that there are people who are sexist enough to put aside their racial prejudice and vote Obama instead of Clinton to keep a woman out of the oval office. Yes, even possibly hoping that if Obama gets the Democratic nomination that perhaps enough racists will then come out of the woodwork to vote Republican white guy whomever rather than vote Democratic.

Do I really think people would do that? Hell yes I do!

I am voting for Clinton because of her experience. Her willingness to listen to all the sides and move toward the action that seems the most prudent and beneficial at the time while continuing to look towards the future. She's a planner. She's not way out their on the left wing like I wish she would be - yes, she is a wee bit conservative for my tastes, but then again, I realize that she needs to be in order to actually accomplish anything in Washington DC in the current climate.

Does that mean I think when she's President that she won't liberal up a little? Well, I think she would be more liberal than her husband, and that she would go a little more left when she's in office. That's my hope anyways, but being a Senator in a Senate that is split even-steven, the only way to get things done is bi-partisan support. She knows that and she works with it.

Am I upset by her war vote? No, not really. The nation was lied to. Collin Powell stood up there and said there were WMD. I believed him. Why should I blast her for believing him too. Did I want us to go to war in Iraq? No - I didn't, and I still don't. I didn't think that Saddam had anything to do with 9/11 and I think the feartactics used by the current administration are shameful.

Why Clinton? Well - she's already lived at the White House and been exposed to the intense emotional, phyiscal, psychological pressure that one must endure. Remember White Water - yes, she surrived that. Ken Star ended up with jack and Republicans hounded her and Bill Clinton over that with what result? Can you even remember?

She showed her meddle when her husband's private affairs were blanketed across the press. So, Bill couldn't keep it in his pants. It's embarassing, yes. Men in power do lots of stupid stuff. Numerous presidents have had well documented affairs, does that make it right? No. But is it important? No - not to Bill Clinton's presidency. It shows that Hillary Clinton can hold her own though. She was publically humiliated by his actions and how she could forgive him - I don't know, but she did. She cared more about keeping their family and marriage together - whatever her motivations. That doesn't make her weak, that makes her strong in my book. Besides, most of the world was laughing at America's prudish, Puritanical ways at the time with all the fuss over a blowjob that was being made. He's a man and had urges. Monica's comment to her former employer about going to Washington to earn her 'Presidential kneepads' and all the manipulative stuff she did - why would you keep a frickin' dress with that on it and how could you ever believe he'd leave his wife and political partner for some braindead interin is beyond me - anyways, her comments - just go to show that she wanted it to happen and was pissed when it didn't go the way she had planned. I am not trying to reduce the blame that Bill Clinton should carry, I'm just trying to point out it took two people to get into that mess.

SO - look what Hillary has weathered. She's a survivor. She's experienced. All those people that want change for change's sake, let me ask you, what does Obama or Edwards really have to show for their lives? Can either of them show that they've experienced as much as she has in the political realm? She's been the first lady of this nation, as well as the first lady of the State of Arkansas. She's been in politics longer than either of them. They are wet behind the ears compared to her and I am just not ready to allow either of them the opportunity to cut their leadership teeth on the presidency as George Bush has done. Yeah, so what he was Governor of Texas - yeah - that helped him a lot - NOT. Mr. former cocaine addict, C student, draft dodger, daddy's boy - frickin' Cheney Haliburton puppet. Okay - that's the topic of a whole rant altogether - why I hate Bush rant still in the works. How to edit it down from 20 pages so it will fit on this website is a difficult task.

I want a politican who knows how to play well with others and get the business of the American people done. I want one that understands the real pressures and has proven themselves capable of withstanding what it means to be ON 24/7. She knows. She lived it for eight years.

Hillary Clinton was the most active first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt. She wasn't some non-entity like Laura Bush. She was out there, traveling for her husband's sake, working on issues and projects. She was his partner in his presidency more than people will acknowledge and I for one found the Bill Clinton years some of the best out of the last 35! If he could have run in 2000 I would have voted for him.

Yes, I know she isn't Bill Clinton - duh! She does have him in her corner though. It is her turn to shine and he will support her every bit as much as she supported him.

I think it is a package deal people, but honestly, I'd still vote for her even if Bill Clinton dropped dead tomorrow.

She's the one - our first female president is coming!


Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 12:01 AM CST
Updated: Saturday, 5 January 2008 12:41 PM CST
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