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What A Long Strange Trip It's Been
Wednesday, 4 July 2007
What RPG Character Am I?
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Quizzes

Okay, here is a quiz I couldn't pass up taking. It's results aren't too surprising. The quiz table didn't format for some reason, but here are the words I got:

What RPG Class are you best suited for?

Your results: 91%


Based on your results, you most likely want to be a White Mage. These people are very intelligent and harmful. Not offensively useful, but very valuable in the defensive. They prefer to stay behind the strong but heal and recover those that are weakened. If you are for peace and harmony, this is in your area. They carry Staffs.


Black Mage/Geomancer 86%

Beast/Dragon Tamer  81%

Summoner/Time Mage 71%

Archer  60%

Knight/Warrior  36%

Monk 31%

Ninja/Samurai 19%


I don't play mages too often, but I play a magic user more often than not. I tend to play Clerics more than Mages, but I have had several very powerful mage characters. My most enjoyable character to play (in Joey's world) and one that most of the people I RP with remember me for is Siduri - a Cambian - (former Cleric of Pain) now a Druid and chosen of the goddess of Nature. She's a pretty wicked character to mess with, and her daughter via Bromanthur (Psionist supreme) is just as nasty although she isn't very high level yet. Siduri is a very high level character now - the person who basically started the Dragon Wars and caused a major time rift - she was once a domain master of Ravenloft before she escaped.

This is the picture that I found online on Elfwood or Epilogue and fell in love with for Siduri. I was looking to create a character and this picture inspired me. Siduri started off as blind (note the white eyes). She was blinded at birth by a great enemy. BUT, she was pittied by her future goddess and granted the ability to see through the eyes of those around her. So, she made sure she was never alone - not hard, because she was raised with her fraternal twin sister - Inferno (Matt's character). Siduri was the product of the rape of her mother by a Pit Fiend who decided to rape the poor woman after she had consumated her relationship with a Celestial. Siduri is the product of the Pit Fiend whereas Inferno is the product of the Celestial. BUT, with both conflicting energies developing in the womb, Siduri and Inferno have crossed traits. Inferno has the black skin but has white wings whereas Siduri has the white skin, but horns. She also has wicked sharp green fanglike teeth like most cambians, as well as pointed ears. Most of the time she passes for human because people think the horns are a part of a headdress and not really a part of her head.

Her daughter, Persephone (yes, I know - Greek goddess married to the god of the underworld), looks something like her, but definately has Bromanthur's features as well. Persephone isn't a full Cambian, but she is definately plane touched.




















She doesn't hide what she is as much as her mother does, although she normally walks around in a long billowing hooded cloak. It's kind of hard to hide her eyes though. Persephone is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters to roleplay in Joey's world.



Posted by amiga/trippiehippie at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 26 July 2007 8:05 AM CDT
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